Gardening greetings from the Green Mountain state of Vermont, and thanks for checking out my blog (since May 2011).  I hope you’ll subscribe and check out my posts on new books, articles related to my website Perry’s Perennial Pages, and more.  You can learn a bit more about what I do with the rest of my time with Extension and Research at the University of Vermont on this website, and my UVM page linked from my profile here on wordpress.


7 responses to “About

  1. Hi – I saw your comments about the Métis Gardens. You may be interested in our award winning film Twice Upon a Garden (see http://www.reframe-films.com). Please let me know if you would like to receive a review copy – Barry

  2. Hi Leonard,

    Saw you on across the fence today -nice job and looks like a good book. Would you please list the 5th annual Branch Out Burlington! tree sale? Much appreciated – Kyle


  3. Hi, I have seen you many times on Across the Fence and I do enjoy it. I am a home gardener and have a question about something I have never seen before. I grow lots of Black eyed Susans as they take over the garden. On the black seed center is another set of yellow petals, similar to how a bee balm might double. Is this rare? Thank you, Pam

    • Thanks for your writing and comments, and although this is not too common that I’ve seen, it could be a mutation such as due to environmental factors, in which case a change that probably wont last. Or perhaps it could be a virus that I’ve learned this year is becoming more common in such coneflowers as this and Echinacea, which causes this symptom– in which case no real treatment, just enjoy!

  4. Wonderful site!! Very informative!!

  5. N. Barrett

    I watched your Across the Fence video this morning because I have recently visited the Atlanta Botanical Garden where I saw the huge Mosaiculture forms.
    My question is this— is it possible for individuals to purchase these forms in a smaller scale, perhaps six or seven feet high instead of the enormous height?

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