Montreal botanic gardens observations

Dr. Leonard Perry, University of Vermont Extension

In addition to the inspiration provided by visiting gardens such as this one, are the ideas one can get on design, new plants and plant combinations.  The following are some that our tour participants last fall picked up.  Stay tuned for more from our upcoming coach tour.  If you are in that area or nearby this summer, make sure to visit to see the special exhibition this year only of mosaicultures.  Begun in Montreal in 2000, this international exhibition is held only every 3 years, and travels the world, so may not be back in North America for some years.

Ideas or observations or new plants seen (and number citing):

Lobster claws (Heliconia, conservatory)
Scarlet Oak
Monkshood—didn’t realize it was poisonous, even to touch sap
Pawlonia (Empress trees) outside Insectarium were fantastic
Pumpkin on a stick (type of eggplant, 2)
Hens and chicks and little succulents
Trachelium caeruleum Devotion series (blue throatwort)
Curry plant smelled wonderful
I plan to use more grasses, particularly grayhair grass
Brazilian joyweed

3 stacked wooden pallets used as a container (center cut out)
Bright intense yellow and green sedum against black earth in Chinese (2)
Tuberous begonias under trees like groundcovers
Color combinations, shades of one color
Hut covered with hops
Plume poppies as hedge along walkway
Lots of chartreuse plants worked well in fall garden
Urban garden using large black bags to grow vegetables, even fruit trees
Use of pink mandevilla as container “spiller” not trained upright as usual

Impressive gardens and aspects
Large number of different colorful insects in Insectarium was amazing
Huge leaves on banana plants
Bonsai (Japanese) and Penjin (Chinese) gardens were astoundingly beautiful
Begonia collection (conservatory)
Alpine gardens
Castor oil plants were huge
Japanese garden comforting, relaxing (3)
Medicinal plants garden
Biodiversity building display
Biodiversity display—how dirigibles were used to study the rain forest
Autumnal colors really achieved jewel status in the rain
Symbolism of elements water, stone, plants in Asian gardens
Tropical plants fruiting indoors

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