Garden and Design Ideas

from the Montreal Botanic Gardens Sept. 2011

UVM Extension/Greenworks tour


The following were recorded and submitted by participants in this tour during their visit. Comments in   [ ] and some scientific names added in addition.



Sugar beet as an ornamental in a flower border

Lantana ‘Dallas Red’

Solidago (goldenrod) ‘Solar Cascada’

Hydrangea (paniculata) ‘Ruby’ and (serrata) ‘Tiara’—muted fall coral colors

Dawn redwood ‘Spring Cream’

Anemone ‘Splendens’

Pennisetum (foxtail grass) ‘White Lancer’—nice texture

Miscanthus (eulalia grass) ‘Sirene’—tall flower scapes, low foliage


Pagoda dogwood

Sweet September, Autumn Violet, April Gem rhododendrons

Dick Clark rose

Giant ironweed (Vernonia gigantea) ‘Purple Pillar’

Red-horned poppy

Rose altissima—climbing, red flowers

Japanese Umbrella Pine [marginally hardy into zone 5 but not colder]

Autumn crocus (marginal in colder areas, good into zone  5)

Pumpkins-on-a-stick eggplants

Bloody dock

Russian sage (Perovskia) [marginally hardy in zone 4]

Snail flower

Tiny Goldflake (Mecardonia) groundcover, yellow flowers (Chinese garden)

Red Cauli sedum

Deep purple/black kale



Dry Zen garden with stones and gravel

Planter boxes on faux window panes to create focal points and garden “rooms”

“converge garden” integrating natives into a landscape

Trumpet vine tree resembled upside-down lilies

Fuchsia trees/standards

Rivers of Chelone (turtlehead)

Variety planting of ornamental grasses

More use of dahlias as fillers in border

Using massed plants eg. hosta on corners of borders


Plant Combinations

Dark purple ornamental peppers interplanted with silver licorice plant (Helichrysum)

Coralbells (Heuchera) ‘Beaujolais’ and Hibiscus ‘Peppermint Schnapps’

Foxtail asparagus fern interplanted with darker ground cover [red thread, Alternanthera]

Salvia ‘Black and Blue’ (guaranitica) with Purple Moor Grass (Molinia caerulea)




Chinese and Japanese gardens, want to learn more on their history and traditions

Chinese lanterns—time to have a party in the garden!

The many shade plants in the shade garden

Exhibition gardens

Gallery of botanical art—nice new surprise

New color combinations

Wooden toilet at Tree House

Moby Dick at Japanese Garden

Signs telling about plants, their history and uses

Metal arbors with vines, provide cool areas in gardens to sit

Most (95%) of plants live in symbiosis with mycorrhiza fungi in the soil



Other ideas

Using vegetables (eggplant, peppers, sweet potato vine) in a large container, perhaps with Canna or ornamental grass in the middle

Fertilize and trim houseplants more often

Improve the soil with compost



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